Appreciation for the Game


Derek Ho od is an American basketball player who was born in Decatur Illinois in the mid to late 1970's. He attended and graduated college in Arkansas then went on to start his career as a professional basketball player in the late 1990's early 2000's with the opportunity to play for the Char lotte Hornets in the N B A.

Ho od went on to play for the Kansas City Knights and other private basketball leagues throughout his career. He has not actively play since 2005 and is considered a free agent within the N B A.

In his career he played the position of the small forward which can usually guard any position using their size and speed. They also score points by accurately shooting and playing defense against their opponent.

Moreover, the role of the small forward may somewhat specialize in defending the basket when the opponent is anywhere within the free-throw, circle, or three point arch of the basket. The small forward is not the main ball handler, but they do handle the ball and are required to dribble.

Derek Ho od has been know for his incredible dunks and great rebounds. Derek was a C S S performer twice for the Razorbacks before he went on to play professionally. Ho od played professionally from 1999 until 2005.

Derek Ho od is an 8th grade math teacher in the State of Texas and he also coaches youth basketball. In 2015 He was commemorated at the University Arkansas Hall of Honors for his basketball career and his years as a Razorback.

Derek Ho od has enjoyed a successful career as a professional basketball player and he expressed in his speech that basketball had taken him all over the world. He has taken that opportunity to provide his expertise to up and coming players through coaching which is the greatest contribution to show appreciation for the game. Read more information about Derek Hood Basketball come visit our site.