Derek Hood born in the United States on Dec 22, 1976... at 6ft 8inches tall, attended Central High School in Kansas City Missouri until 1995. In High school, Derek played in The Nike summit event. On March 4, 1995, the playoffs between Rayford and central... with only three seconds left in the game, 6ft tall Derek Hood wins the game with a three-pointer shot in Centrals win over Raytown, central won the game 80-73. There were over 11,00 fans packed into an auditorium that was only meant to hold 10,000. The game was legendary in Kansas for the hometown native. Soon after graduating high school, He went on to college (NCAA) from 1995-1999. As a senior he set a record of 349 rebounds, breaking the record of Nick Davis of 325 rebounds in one season. He was drafted by the NBA after he graduated college, Derek played the position of small forward & power forward.


Derek Hood... had a five-year run from 1999-2005, He was eligible for the NFL after that time frame but wasn't selected. Not being selected, he became, what's known as an undrafted free agent which would have allowed him to negotiate a contract with any team. By Oct 1999 he signed a contract with the Charlotte Hornets, by November of the same year he became a free agent, October 2000 he signed with the Philadelphia Sixers. Derek played internationally: Continental Basketball Association known as the(CBA) with the Quad City Thunder, AVSEL Basket, Pallalcesto Amatori Udine, American Basketball Association and the National Development League. Dereck attended training camp in between 1999-2004, with the following teams, Dallas Mavericks, Charlotte Hornets, Phoenix Suns, and the Philadelphia Sixers. In between the years of 1999 and 2004, he had signed with many different teams in within the NBA. Dereck Hood was honored in 2015 by being inducted into the sports of honor.

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Appreciation for the Game


Derek Ho od is an American basketball player who was born in Decatur Illinois in the mid to late 1970's. He attended and graduated college in Arkansas then went on to start his career as a professional basketball player in the late 1990's early 2000's with the opportunity to play for the Char lotte Hornets in the N B A.

Ho od went on to play for the Kansas City Knights and other private basketball leagues throughout his career. He has not actively play since 2005 and is considered a free agent within the N B A.

In his career he played the position of the small forward which can usually guard any position using their size and speed. They also score points by accurately shooting and playing defense against their opponent.

Moreover, the role of the small forward may somewhat specialize in defending the basket when the opponent is anywhere within the free-throw, circle, or three point arch of the basket. The small forward is not the main ball handler, but they do handle the ball and are required to dribble.

Derek Ho od has been know for his incredible dunks and great rebounds. Derek was a C S S performer twice for the Razorbacks before he went on to play professionally. Ho od played professionally from 1999 until 2005.

Derek Ho od is an 8th grade math teacher in the State of Texas and he also coaches youth basketball. In 2015 He was commemorated at the University Arkansas Hall of Honors for his basketball career and his years as a Razorback.

Derek Ho od has enjoyed a successful career as a professional basketball player and he expressed in his speech that basketball had taken him all over the world. He has taken that opportunity to provide his expertise to up and coming players through coaching which is the greatest contribution to show appreciation for the game. Read more information about Derek Hood Basketball come visit our site.

Derek Hood



Derek was born on December 22nd, 1976 in Kansas City, Missouri, he is currently 41 years old. He's 6'8'' tall and weighs in at 222 lbs. He graduated from Central HighSchool in Kansas City, Missouri. His pre-draft team Was Arkansas Sr. He was drafted into the National Basketball Association in 1999, and was in theNational Basketball Association for 5 years.


On June 30th 1990, Derek Hood was an unrestricted free agent after he went undrafted in the 1999 NBA Draft. It wasn't until October 4th 1999 that he signed a contract with the Hornets, it was a little over a month later on November 23rd 1999 that the Hornets placed his contract on waivers. On November 29th 1999 he became a free agent.


A little over a year after he became a free agent Derek signed a contract with the sixers. On October 26th 2000 the sixers placed his contract on waivers, it was 4 days later he was a free agent. On September 28th 2001 he signed another contract, this time with the Suns. On October 20th 2001, the Suns placed his contract on waivers. He became a free agent on October 24th 2001.


On September 30th 2002 Derek signed a contract with the Dallas. His contract was placed on Waiver by the Dallas on October 25th 2002. By October 29th 2002 he was a free agents. On October 5th 2004 he signed another contract with the Dallas. His contract was than placed on waivers by the Dallas on October 29th 2004. By November 2nd 2004 he was again made a free agent. To know more info click on Derek Hood Basketball.


Player Profile: Derek Hood


Who remembers Derek Dwayne Hood? As I am writing this article and you are reading this article, I am sure there are plenty that do not remember, unless you followed Arkansas University basketball heavily. Also, if you are a fan that followed the National Basketball Association’s Charlotte Hornets during the 1999-2000 season, you might have recalled Hood briefly. Hood participated in a total of two games in his lone, rookie season. Hood went undrafted in the 1999 NBA draft. His entire professional playing career lasted from 1999 to 2005.

Early Life to:

Hood, born in Decatur, Illinois, spent his high school years at Central High School in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1994, he was named to the Street and Smith’s High School All-America Team during his senior season of high school. He went on to Arkansas, where he spent four years. He grabbed more than 1,000 rebounds during his time at Arkansas. At the time, he was only the second player in the history of the school to have more than 1,000 rebounds. He led the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in rebounding twice in his four years at Arkansas. His senior season, he was selected to the All-SEC Second Team. As a sophomore, he finished All-SEC Third Team. Hood started 122 of 131 possible games during his four year career at Arkansas. He finished 19th on the Arkansas all-time scoring list with 1,247 points.

Professional Career:

Hood spent seven days with the Hornets, 25 days with the Philadelphia 76ers and 23 days with the Phoenix Suns. His time with the three teams spanned from 1999 to 2001. From 2002 to 2004, Hood had a couple of stints with the Dallas Mavericks’ organization. In 2002 and 2003, Hood spent time in the NBA G-League (developmental league), where he was named to the All D-League 2nd Team both years.

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